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Hey fellow procrastinators :-). I just released lurk, a simple and pretty alternative to strace which I’ve been working on as a side project. Lurk implements an opinionated subset of strace. Compared to strace, lurk is optimized for readability.


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no more gitlab for me 

/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/lib/gitlab/json.rb:97: [BUG] Illegal instruction at 0x00007fe0ce2c7e11

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Roberta Arcoverde, Director at Stack Overflow, previously a staff engineer and tech lead:

Stack Overflow platform:
* .. backed by just 9 servers,
* .. run on-prem from own data center (not cloud),
* .. team of 50 engineers (up from 10 in 2014),
* .. deployed as monolith in 4min multiple times daily,
* .. pragmatic, ignore trends like k8s and microservices.

> Giving SQL 1.5 TB of RAM was more effective than caching page fragments in Redis.

#stackoverflow #selfhosted

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Using Bluetooth headset is impossible on Linux as it does not work as expected. The only viable solution for wireless headset is the one with USB dongle, see utility for headset devices that you can configure.

Reinstalled two instances and waiting for new ethernet devices to use Wake-on-LAN at home

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China is going after the Fediverse, finally. A ton of servers have started getting hit with DNS poisoning and TCP reset attacks as the Great Firewall fuckery begins.

If you see fewer Chinese voices in your TL today that is why.

@adam is right about the need for there to be lots of small servers. It’s concentration that allows this kind of heavy handed government censorship to work.

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#privacy and #security #question:
How to protect a mastodon profile against #datamining ?

What can I do as a user?
What can I do as an instance admin?

My data isn't owned anymore by BigTech but can be currently easily exploited by companies like Cambridge Analytical.

I appreciate all inputs and ideas!
Thank you

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RustDesk is awesooooome! :rust:

Currently using its direct IP feature, to connect my work laptop to my desktop computer. Really responsive on LAN, and easy to setup as no relays are needed.

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Do you want to create draft messages in Mastodon that you can send later?

There's no official feature for this, but if you're using the website or certain Mastodon apps you can do it unofficially:

1. Write your draft message but don't post it yet. Also don't @ anyone in it yet.

2. Set the visibility to "mentioned people only" or "direct"

3. Post it, click on "..." and bookmark it

You'll then be able to treat your bookmarks folder as a drafts folder. Only you can see these drafts because they are visible to "mentioned people only" and you didn't @ anyone.

When you want to actually post a draft:

4. Click "..." on the post and select "delete & re-draft"

5. Finish writing the message and feel free to @ whomever you want

6. Set the visibility to public (or whatever you want it to be), and post the message

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

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