Using Bluetooth headset is impossible on Linux as it does not work as expected. The only viable solution for wireless headset is the one with USB dongle, see utility for headset devices that you can configure.

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@beastie i am using Bluetooth headset on Linux for 2+ years and I don't have any problems, especially on PipeWire

@cichy1173 what headset are you using? I tried multiple devices, but switching to hsp/hfp profile when using mic was simply bad experience

@beastie I have a couple of headsets 😆 But all of them work just great. On Fedora with Pipewire I have the smoothest experience with BT headphones from all the operating systems, including Windows 10 and Windows 11.
And yes, HSP/HFP modes are not great but It is a standard that is being used on Windows too. Pipewire also has some hybrid modes but I didn't use them.

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