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Free Online Tools for Looking up Potentially Malicious Websites.

Examine the #URL in real-time to identify threats.

#AbuseIPDB: Provides reputation data about the IP address or hostname.

#Auth0 Signals: Checks IP address reputation; supports API.

#BrightCloud URL/IP Lookup: Presents historical reputation data about the website.

#CheckPhish: Checks whether the URL is a fraudulent site. Flags websites suspected of selling counterfeit products.

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Using 2FA phone numbers for targeted advertising. One of the dumbest ways ever for a company to abuse its users’ trust. Take a bow, Twitter. And have a $150 million fine too.

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@stux an update :AAAAAA: thanks for mentioning it, good night :)

@RL_Dane @vkc I have used FreeBSD long time ago (before logo change), hence my nick. It is great OS with nice documentation. Yes, there is a different mindset when it comes to licensing. These minimal restrictions allows to use code in a new ways without sharing modifications, but license still applies. Props for that.

@RL_Dane @vkc see

"/usr/local/ Local executables, libraries, etc. Also used as the default destination for the FreeBSD ports framework. Within /usr/local, the general layout sketched out by hier(7) for /usr should be used. Exceptions are the man directory, which is directly under /usr/local rather than under /usr/local/share, and the ports documentation is in share/doc/port."

So this is not Dell ... SFF (Small Form Factor), but Dell ... LBC (Lunch Box Computer) :blobCat_in_box:

@RL_Dane @vkc I love FreeBSD's approach to this topic, where /usr/local is used for files installed from packages. I assume this hasn't changed over time.

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We are at 4.91M 'local' posts now on :mastodon_oops: :mastodon:

Would cool if we hit the 5M :cat_typing:


@vkc why not about /tmp vs /var/tmp or /var/run vs /run or /opt vs /srv or why /usr/local is rarely used by packages? It's an endless topic. :blobcatscience:

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New release at :blobhaj_reach: To make a long story short, KeePass -> KeePassXC -> Bitwarden -> Vaultwarden

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If you want to learn more about #opensource licenses, what they allow you to do and the various differences, I just made a nice recap covering the biggest ones, and licenses that don't apply to code specifically, check it out:


@madnuttah from my point of view is the vanilla version and is sligtly ahead with more user friendly UI. Both do the same, look similar, but only one provides official image that works on Raspberry Pi. I do not see any privacy issues.

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