@cichy1173 Thanks, I will play with it over the weekend.

github.com/AykutSarac/jsonvisi instantly visualize your JSON data using this open source utility

@cichy1173 Yes, is great. I am using it to organize current tasks, but need also something for long-term storage.

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@VaronKING I am moving passwords once every year or two... these are well organized after a couple of such passes. This year moved from bitwarden to vaultvarden, next time will likely return to keepass.

@floppy get some cooling pad as one usb powered, big and quiet fan below your laptop can solve overheating issues

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Hey fellow procrastinators :-). I just released lurk, a simple and pretty alternative to strace which I’ve been working on as a side project. Lurk implements an opinionated subset of strace. Compared to strace, lurk is optimized for readability. github.com/JakWai01/lurk

🐦🔗: twitter.com/jakobwaibel/status

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no more gitlab for me 

/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/lib/gitlab/json.rb:97: [BUG] Illegal instruction at 0x00007fe0ce2c7e11

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Roberta Arcoverde, Director at Stack Overflow, previously a staff engineer and tech lead:

Stack Overflow platform:
* .. backed by just 9 servers,
* .. run on-prem from own data center (not cloud),
* .. team of 50 engineers (up from 10 in 2014),
* .. deployed as monolith in 4min multiple times daily,
* .. pragmatic, ignore trends like k8s and microservices.

> Giving SQL 1.5 TB of RAM was more effective than caching page fragments in Redis.


#stackoverflow #selfhosted

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