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I'll call my #Unbound image abbreviated "MUUDI" (Madnuttah's Unofficial Unbound Docker Image). :allthethings:

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🚀 CryptPad 5.0 is now available on GitHub

💅 We have refreshed the user interface with: 🧘‍♂️ simplified design, 🎈 rounded corners, 🎨🌜 improved dark mode colors

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Does this remind you of a popular UNIX/Linux command?

#QED Text Editor can be considered the origin of the famous #grep tool. You can read a manual from the 70's on this link:

You can also read more old UNIX guides in Dennis Ritchie's Bell Labs page:

or in (you can also search from homepage)

I added most relevant guides and articles on my page:

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Tor Browser for protection against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.
Privacy is a human right.
#TorBrowser #Privacy
Download :

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Good morning! Its time for everyone's favorite part of their day. The Nóva Show in the mornings. Come drink coffee, say hi, and lets talk about life. We will be live coding some Go for Kubernetes.

Live Now! Exclusively on @Twitch

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Created @discovery account for personal blog posts to keep things separated and play with it :blobcatbook:

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I like it so much, I even wrote an add-on / #extension for #Firefox that allows me to right click any link and try to open it in #MPV. MPV uses yt-dlp in the background, so any website that supports, MPV also does: twitch, streamable, vimeo, peertube, ...

The add-on is generic and allows passing any link to a command, so for example sometimes, when a webpage doesn't look great in Firefox, I right click and open it in chromium or brave.

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You Can't Control Your Data in the Cloud

Nice article, preaching this since years but someone finally wrote a detailed explanation why exactly you lose control.

Blog post

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I think we badly need *real* privacy for the masses. Whatsapp, Telegram, Element/Matrix, Protonmail, Tutanota and others declare they're giving it, and huge lots of people believe them, but it's currently just *not* real:
For example, it’s just not true that «Due to the encryption utilized, Proton Mail is unable to hand over the contents of encrypted emails under any circumstances», in spite of what this Wikipedia page,, currently wrongly report.

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Is Twitter really blocking links to Mastodon dot social? Lol

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Fediblock recommend! Important! 

I know I posted this before but I'm gonna do it again to make sure it reaches as wide as possible..

The following domain: "" went live a little while back and when checking out the instance it has 2 accounts. The admin(that follows known racists in the Fedi) and a 'FollowBot' that automatically follows as much accounts as possible.

Why would this be an issue you say?

Well! A while ago some bad actors made via the exact same way a follow bot that added people into "groups" that they thinked we belonged in like: "gay, lefist, activist, trans" etc etc!

These lists can only be used for targeting people online and we DO NOT WANT THIS in any way!

I again, I urge #Fediverse admins to domain block "" ASAP.


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Have you tried using the FediFollows big list of recommended accounts to follow?

(It's here in case you haven't heard of it: )

I am using instead of bookmark manager and as of today there are 3672 pages archived on :ablobcatenjoy:

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YouTube video giving an honest thank you to his community 

I can't go another minute without getting this off my chest...

Fixed a couple of typos to see how it works :blobCat_in_box:

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